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全球导航卫星系统(GNSS)的用户期望获得即时的定位信息。对于标准定位,这通常是不可能的,因为要实现这一点,必须至少识别四颗卫星,并且接收到其完整数据。在信号不佳的条件下,从卫星到接收机的数据下载可能需要几分钟、几小时甚至完全失败。通过为 GNSS 接收机数据补充来自移动网络小区的信息,以提高性能,有益于众多应用。

IoT Location-as-a-Service provides reliable and fast location information and delivers accurate assistance and error correction data for constrained IoT devices, even in challenging conditions, with the highest levels of availability and delivery quality. 

See the u‑blox services overview to learn more about all u‑blox service areas.

u‑blox services are delivered by the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform.

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accelerated calculation of position by assisted GNSS


AssistNow 通过利用无线网络或互联网传送卫星数据来加快位置计算,即使在信号条件恶劣的情况下,u‑blox GNSS 接收机也可以在几秒钟内计算出位置。

Drone (UAV) flying with augmented GNSS


PointPerfect is an advanced GNSS augmentation data service that provides 3-6 cm accuracy and convergence within seconds. The service is accurate, reliable, and immediately available with homogeneous coverage in contiguous USA and Europe.

cell tower


CellLocate 基于混合 GNSS 和移动网络属性。该产品提高了位置可靠性,并增强了 GNSS 室内定位能力。

u-blox CloudLocate


CloudLocate 支持云端定位,可延长供电受限型 IoT 应用的寿命。此端到端解决方案适用于全球范围内的任何通信技术。利用 CloudLocate 的优势构建企业解决方案,从而扩大市场范围。

IoT Location-as-a-Service use cases


Small asset tracking

Smaller asset trackers include battery operated devices that require days or weeks of power autonomy and wireless connectivity. Reasonable position accuracy is needed with a few position updates per day. Location information is not necessarily used on the device itself, but by a cloud service.


Global asset tracking

Tracking applications that span broad regions or even globally may require large power autonomy (months or even years). Positioning in the cloud extends the life of energy constrained IoT applications. Commercial grade real time online assistance provides tremendous advantages in terms of performance, availability, and reliability.


Supply chain

A vast portion of constrained IoT devices need location information to do their job. Today’s global supply chains and inventory management structures require reliable fast location information in combination with accurate assistance data to monitor and deliver perishable or high-value assets to the very last mile.


Poor or no GNSS environments

A GPS receiver cannot determine a position when satellite signals are unavailable, such as urban canyons, within tunnels, buildings, or metallic containers. For fleet and supply chain management, it’s unacceptable. Mobile network-based location using cellular attributes provide an essential alternative to no position fix at all. 

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